I have always loved everything involving crafts, art, shopping and party planning. It is in my nature to enjoy those things I believe are beautiful and which move me in such ways that I feel the joy and excitement to either buy, re-create or just tell everyone about my new findings.

One of the most enjoyable and stress-reducing activities for me is to create something, it could be a drawing, a paper craft, or a fun nail art! (I go through stages and my favorite type of craft varies).

The wonderful way in which the internet has made it so easy to search for beautiful and fun products, inspired me to have a little piece to call my own in this niche. I am thrilled to know I can share all the awesome and inspirational ideas I can find and create with all of you!

I am lucky enough to have my own business planning parties and selling party supplies (Quick Party Box). I get to play with pretty and fun things all day, every day! I have a wonderful family, friends who get my  sense of humor (at least they pretend they do), I can say at last: Life is good!

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the different ideas, inspirations, and creativity I can share. I hope to bring you a little bit of happiness, and the occasional: “Wow, that is so preeeeettty!


Ana Reese


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