OK, let’s really admit it! We have an addiction and it is called Pinterest… Right? OMG I could look at pins for hours at a time, until the little sense that has not been removed by the vast scrolling down of wonderful pins about the latest handmade napkin holders, tells me it is time to get back to work/ make dinner/ sleep.

Thank God this was not available back in the days when I had no other responsibilities than go to class, study for tests and go to the occasional college parties. (ok they were only 3 parties in the 5 years I was a college student! LOL) nevertheless, if I would have had Pinterest then, I would have probably spent every free hour browsing through that magnificent world of possibilities. What a genius idea!

If you have been hiding under a rock, or have just recently been released by the Martians who “borrowed” you for the past few years, and do not have a Pinterest account, please go here:  Go NOW my child!! Hurry!!! RUUUUUUNNNN.. then you may comeback and thank me for showing you the way.

A big “you’re welcome” in advanced,